The vaccine is not the right technology

The vaccine is not the right technology

Using lies to solve a problem inevitably leads to great disappointment.

For example, some people advance their watches by 5 minutes to be on time: that’s a lie. It is better to work on the way you organize yourself or approach a meeting.

Others (the whole world) have decided to change the time relative to the sun to save energy or to have longer fun in the evening. Result: every year physical and psychological disturbances, a disconnection from our environment and our internal clock. All these lies put together create a big disturbance.

Vaccines before 2019 injected an inactivated virus into the body making it believe it was being attacked. It’s as if parents were doing an exercise for their child: I hit you so that you prepare for an attack, rather than making them do sports to get in better physical shape.

mRNA vaccines transform the cells in our body into makers of “decoy viruses”. This is the equivalent of parents teaching lies to their children (for example: “smoking is good for your health”) so that they themselves can realize that it is a lie. This is doubly twisted.

This desire to improve the body so that it protects itself from all possible viral diseases is doubly dangerous because vaccines necessarily contain harmful substances which will accumulate and create endocrine disruptions. Natural immunity is much more effective than vaccine immunity. The best way to protect yourself against all kinds of diseases is to have a healthy lifestyle: physical activity, a balanced diet without chemicals, limiting inspired pollution.

The simple fact of not taking a motor vehicle to make a trip of less than 5 kilometers can significantly improve everyone’s health, directly (body in better condition), and indirectly (less inspired pollution).

The vaccine lure encourages unconsciousness: “I risk nothing because I am vaccinated”, laziness: “I can smoke, drink, take drugs, eat pesticides etc., I am vaccinated”. The cost to society is enormous: vaccination is very expensive in itself (the unvaccinated also pay for it), the production of pollution is not slowed down but encouraged (the non-producers of pollution also suffer it).

It’s a life choice: I build my own life or I let others build it for me.

P.S. :

  • As the Covid-19 news (2020/2021) shows, epidemics pass and no measure is effective: mask, confinement, vaccination. On the other hand, healthy people are practically not affected.
  • A technology that works well and is much less intrusive without side effects: a connected watch like the Apple Watch 6 which measures the oxygen level in the blood, the TousAntiCovid application which warns of possible contamination

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